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Meditation - The Elixir of Mindfulness - Navis Nord

Meditation - The Elixir of Mindfulness - Navis Nord
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SN 15

Wydawnictwo Antares

ANTARES Publishing House: Kraków 2018
Soft cover
Number of pages: 163

A perfect book introducing into meditation in supradenominational context. The whole material was divided into three courses with increasing advancement level. The exercises and material in the book can be practised individually. Navis Nord teaches over a dozen of schemes introducing meditation, the book presents the first of those. The first scheme includes basic elements, without which meditation is not meditation. At each stage you must know what to practise and what is the outcome. The elements were presented so universally that they could be shown in a Christian monastery, in a Buddhist centre, a Sufi centre or for atheists. Even though the book is an introduction it does not have fragmentary simplified versions and is devoid of fanaticism that is frequent for this kind of books. It is really an elixir of mindfulness!

Navis Nord is the author of following books: "Art of Three Loves", "Prosperity Training", "Abstract tales from the other side of the mirror", "Spiritual text messages from the Masters’ Palace" (vol. 1 & 2), "Longing and the language of lying". He was authorised by three different traditions. He does not teach them and does not use the titles he was given, since he believes that what is transmitted by different traditions needs to be reformulated in different places and times, with a language that enables the listener to internalise the transforming content for the modern person. He also stresses that new times require new teachings. Since 1992 he has been running Human Development Centre Station Nord in Cracow. 

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