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A relationship between two people must be worked on, if it is at least to bring fulfilment. Some people imagine that the quality of a relationship is decided by meeting the right person. Of course, finding someone who suits us is important, but with no proper skills we will lose them sooner or later. Trying good and hard will not be enough. We need access to knowledge how to direct the effort, where and in what direction to work, what will bring us desired results and what will help us to find fulfilment.

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When I ask people what it means to love, they give evasive or unclear answers. I keep asking over and over again. I ask, because Love remains our dream, one of the most important values that provide sense and when we are cut away from it, we feel like an empty jug and life is devoid of essence. It is something that fills us, something that makes us not feel separated from others and the cosmos, something that provides us with nutrition more important than food, gives joy, strength and fulfilment. It is something that enables us to grow and develop in each dimension. That is the reason why we should take a look at life stories showing that treating the love relationship issue too lightly may lead to great shocks and great suffering.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jagiellonian University Philosophy Department graduate, business and individual coach, a demanding teacher of spirituality and meditation who uses many traditions and joins them in a way that makes them particularly understandable for a European. In books and during courses he touches on valid topics, which are frequently omitted in mainstream thought about human life. His many years of experience in people work and contact with their problems were a motivation to write the Art of Three Loves book, which is aimed at helping others to build fulfilling relations.

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