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A Retreat: Existence (Kraków / Poland)

A Retreat: Existence (Kraków / Poland)
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The price of PLN 100 is a non-returnable advance payment. The rest of the price is charged on the spot in cash.


Main theme: „Existence – the way to Integration, Happiness and Wealth Mentality” 

What often limits us is constriction, poverty mentality, the feeling of lack and deficiency. But also blindly following models, not acting on your account and limiting ourselves. During the retreat we will familiarise ourselves with tools, which help us work with those freedom-limiting states. We will answer questions how to make your objective openness and wealth mentality without heroism or fanaticalness on the basis of real possibilities. 
Why? So that we may use the opportunities that life brings us. 

1) Destructive mental factors: lust and aggression 
2) Mental factors versus emotions – how to tell them apart 
3) Recognising mental factors: somatic symptoms, thoughts, images, emotions, predictions, vision of reality 
4) Body work techniques, learning the Nordic Throne position (we do not sit in Asian positions)
5) Regular breath versus meditative breath 
6) To exist or to live in the waiting room 
7) Daily supplementary lectures 
8) FULL RETREAT MODE since Sunday: 8 hours of meditation daily, first session before sunrise, last after sunset, complete silence. 

Exercise programme: 
1) Meditation building optimal relations with self 
2) Breath meditation 
3) Techniques Developing Four Pillar Consciousness (Sati) 
4) Techniques for examining self – introduction to sorting observation j
5) Techniques of stopping thoughts which express destructive mental factors

At the end of the retreat we plan a special programme: New Year’s Eve with meditation.

Each new person will receive individual introduction and instructor care. We have over 15 instructors with over 25 years of experience. 

The retreat will be led by Navis Nord and Station Nord instructors.

Organisational details:
Start: 26th December 2018, 10.00 
Finish: 1st January 2019, about 16.00
Place: Station Nord Human Development Centre, Kraków, Poland

1 - 2 days - 200 zł per days
3 - 4 days - 180 zł per day
5 - 6 days - 140 zł per day
7 days: 900 zł

Accommodation in the centre is free (you are requested to bring your own sleeping mat).

Navis Nord is the author of following books: 
- "Meditation - The Elixir of Mindfulness" (English and Polish version),
- "Art of Three Loves” (English, Germen, French and Polish version), 
- "Prosperity Training” (English and Polish version), 
- "Abstract tales from the other side of the mirror” (only Polish), 
- "Spiritual text messages from the Masters’ Palace", vol. I & II (only Polish),
- "Longing and the language of lying" (only Polish).
He was authorised by three different traditions. He does not teach them and does not use the titles he was given, since he believes that what is transmitted by different traditions needs to be reformulated in different places and times, with a language that enables the listener to internalise the transforming content for the modern person. Level of experience must be demonstrated working with people and not by showing “certificates” full of strange symbols or terms with unspecified meaning. Navis Nord chooses a method suitable for the person and the group and does not copy what happened yesterday. Since 1992 he has been running Human Development Centre Station Nord in Cracow. 

The course is meant for a limited number of people so we will ask you to book places in advance. 
FB enrollment is not treated as a booking.
Booking and additional information:
Phone no. +48 730 050 545

During the workshops you can buy Navis Nord books (cash payments only). We recommend getting acquainted with Navis Nord books and bringing questions. 
Books can be bought at: and
A downloadable demo is also available.

Books "Meditation - The Elixir of Mindfulness" (in English), "Art of Three Loves” (in English and French), "Prosperity Training” (in English) are available for purchase at

More information about courses and nearest workshop dates:
Facebook Navis Nord & Station Nord
Facebook Group (in Polish): Duchowość w XXI w

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